Stylish Dog Crate Surround

Ever wish your dog crate could be more stylish and less of an eyesore? Ready to crate train your puppy or new dog? Beloved crate surround, the perfect affordable solution to transform your large or small dog crate into a piece of beautiful furniture for your home. The stylish dog crate surround will be custom-made to fit around your crate size, from XS to XL. 

Easy to assemble

Our crate surrounds are delivered flat packed in 100% recyclable material.  The crate surrounds are super easy to put together, all you need is a screwdriver. 

Four Easy Steps

COSY NOOK - A combination of style, elegance and functional

As pet owners, we love our dogs, as much as we love our human family members.  We love having them around us, taking part in our daily activities. However, we also understand the need to create a safe space for them. Cosy Nook - a place that is relaxing, a place where doggos can be alone and calm down. Cosy Nook is a dog zone that is quiet, comfortable, and enclosed, reminds them of their ancestral dens.  Made in NZ, deliver flat packed, easy to assemble and come in 4 sizes. 

Pet Ramps and Stairs

Cat Wall Furniture with style

Beloved cat furniture can create all manner of wall attachments for your cats to play, exercise and chill. We understand the need for our feline friends to have a space to call their own. All cat wall furniture is made from natural materials and designed to be mounted to the wall. We will work with you to create a cat wall zone of your imagination, with a  mix and match of cat stepping shelves and cat wall palace.

What we offer

Cat Litter Trays Can Be Beautiful Too

Let's face it, litter trays are an eyesore, no one likes to see them. Beloved Pet Furniture offers three solutions to solve the problem for you. Each litter tray cover is unique in its design and made to suit your budget and home decor style. Please click on the photos for more information. 

Cat Scratchers

Scratching is a natural and healthy activity for cats. It helps them to express emotions, de-stress, keep their claws in great condition and more. As pet lovers, we understand what cats need and what cat owners want. Let's encourage the scratching by providing the perfect surface for them. 

Indoor Rabbit Hutch

Our Crate Surround is also a great option for rabbits who have the free run of your homes but needing a secure place to call their own in case they get scared or tired. The crate can be used as a place for water, food, bedding or toileting. No worries, if you don't know the size of your crate, talk to us, and we will help you find out. 


At Beloved Pet Furniture, every piece of furniture is made to order, completely from scratch. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, please get in touch and tell us what you want and we will do our best to build one for you.

Happily Made in NZ For Our Beloved Pets

Beloved Pet Furniture is based in Brooklyn, Wellington. It is all about custom-made furniture for NZ pet owners. We listen to our customers to find out what they want. Although it takes a bit more time, it means that our customers are always happy with the end product that they help to design. We love supporting other NZ businesses by using their services and purchasing their products whenever we can. We love NZ and want to keep it clean and beautiful. Our packaging material is eco-friendly, it is easy to recycle, safe for you and the environment. 

Delivered Nationwide

We can deliver our stylish crate surrounds, ramps, beds and more to you no matter where you are in NZ. Please fill out the custom orders form for a quote. 

Contact Us

Talk to Bess and Stu  0226781630


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