It all started with an old rusty crate and a few pieces of wood in a tiny workshop...

About Us

Hi there, w are Bess and Stu, the lucky owners of two dogs, one cat, and this awesome business called Beloved Pet Furniture. Just like our business name suggests, we love our pets dearly and would do anything for them. The pet furniture we create is always made with the needs of your pets in mind. It makes us happy to hear how happy you are with our product and service.


At Beloved Pet Furniture, we value quality over quantity. Since we first started the business, we have made many changes, but one thing that never changes is how much we want to hear from our customers. We want to know how they feel about our products so that we can improve the quality of what we are providing. We believe that no matter how great an idea is, it can always be improved through continuous improvement and customer feedback. 

Made By Hand

Our pet furniture is all made by hand using only tools and manual labour. There is a huge focus on care and delivering the best products—the perfect design, the correct fit, the right colour, the best materials. Each of our products is unique because they are all different; this is the real beauty and value of being handmade. Your pet's furniture is made just for you and your beloved furry friend. 


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