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This handmade fabric crate cover offers a perfect solution for creating a secure crate space for your pets. Each cover is crafted individually to fit neatly over your existing crate at home.

How to select the correct crate cover size: Please measure the length of your crate (the longest side) and select the option that is closest to your measurement. Please get in touch if you have any questions - Enquiry 

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Reasons you should use a dog crate cover: Reducing anxiety, limiting external stimuli, helping dogs to settle faster, falling asleep easier, encouraging the puppies to relax, establishing a sleep/wake-up routine, recreating a den-like space, and providing a sense of privacy for dogs

Materials: Durable, medium-weight polycotton dill.

Colour: Charcoal grey

Wait Time: Please allow 3 to 4 weeks of turn around time as each Crate Cover is handmade with care and detail. Once your Crate Cover order is placed, we will be in touch regarding the measurements of your crate. 

Please note that this order is for the Crate Cover only, but they do look stunning when paired with our Crate Surround

Care Instruction: If the crate cover needs to be washed, please do so in cold water, whether using a washing machine or washing by hand. Give the crate cover a gentle stretch when it comes out of the wash to get it back into shape. Always air dry; dry the crate cover flat and out of the sun if possible. Please do not soak, wash in hot water, or use a dryer.

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