Catio - 5 Sizes To Choose From


Catios offer an ideal solution for creating a secure outdoor space for your beloved cats. Whether you envision a cozy three-sided catio attached to your home or a standalone structure, we have you covered. 

Choose from one of our catio options to provide a safe, enriching outdoor experience for your feline friends. All of our catios come with a door.

Option A: 240cm L, 80cm W, 185cm H. Square Meters: 1.92  Three sided: $1210 Standalone: $1690 

Option B: 160cm L, 160cm W, 185cm H. Square Meters: 2.56  Three sided: $1370 Standalone: $1690 

Option C: 240cm L, 160cm W, 185cm H. Square Meters: 3.84  Three sided: $1850 Standalone: $2170

Option D: 240cm L, 240cm W, 185cm H. Square Meters: 5.76  Three sided: $2010 Standalone: $2490

Option E: 320cm L, 240cm W, 185cm H. Square Meters: 7.68  Three sided: $2330  Standalone: $2850

Place Order: To place an order, please write to Beloved Pet Furniture with your chosen catio option and delivery address. We will come back to you with a shipping quote and order confirmation. 

Shipping: We can provide NZ wide shipping. Pick up is welcomed from us in Brooklyn, Wellington. 

Materials: Constructed with heavy-duty galvanized weld mesh (1-inch by 1-inch openings) for strength and durability, and treated wood for longevity. The roofing features galvanized weld mesh with a treated wooden frame.

Assembly: Our catio comes flat-packed, nuts and bolts are included and DIY assembly is straightforward. Basic tool is required, preferably a spanner but a pair of pliers or grips will also work too.

Stability: Once assembled, our catio stands securely on its own. For added peace of mind, we strongly recommend using brackets to secure it to a wall or deck or pegging it to the grass.

Wait Time: As everything is made to order, our current lead time is 3 to 5 weeks. Rest assured, we'll keep you updated on our progress. 

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